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Men clad in steel charge forward, and soon the ring of clashing blades fills the air. This is the battlefield of the 14th century, and at the fore of the battle is the BrickArms Damien Blade.

Skillfully crafted for vicious hews against mail and terrible thrusts between the gaps of plate armor, the BrickArms Damien Blade, named for BrickArms' resident expert in medieval weaponry, represents the pinnacle of swordcraft of its era. Based on the Type XVI medieval sword, the BrickArms Damien Blade is the perfect weapon for kings, knights, and soldiers alike.

Whether your Castle figs are battling an opposing kingdom or off on crusade, give them the best in custom medieval armament: the BrickArms Damien Blade!



Vraiment génial

Épée médiévale hyper classe vraiment !!!

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    Damien Blade

    Damien Blade

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