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LifeLites eLite Advanced 2 MCU - More patterns, more fun!

The eLite Advanced 2 is a versatile lighting brick that is preprogrammed with lighting patterns. There are a total of 20 patterns to choose from using the newly designed user interface so you can enter the desired pattern you want to use. No more sequentially going through all the patterns to get to the one you want to use!

Main control of the eLite Advanced 2. Battery box and LED cables not included.

Included Patterns:

  • All On
  • Marquee
  • Bounce
  • Progressive
  • Fading Bounce
  • Alternate Fade
  • Lighthouse 1
  • Lighthouse 2
  • Tower 1
  • Tower 2
  • Machine Gun
  • Fire
  • Arc Welder
  • Random Lights
  • Airport Runway
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Locomotive
  • Aircraft
  • Spacecraft
  • Engine Throb

All patterns have 3 selectable speeds ("All On" has 4 selectable brightness levels instead). That adds up to 61 different things the eLite Advanced 2 can do. How's that for variety!

Product colour:

White housing on white plate


Click here to download Instruction Manual


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eLite Advanced 2 MCU

eLite Advanced 2 MCU

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