BrickForge offers many accessories, weapons, blades, guns, helmets, you dreamed of having for your minifigs.

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  • Animals
  • WW2 - NEW!!!
  • Equipment

    BrickForge Equipment for Historical/Fantasy, knights, centaurs, Lego sets

  • Hair & Beard

    BrickForge Hair & Beard, sage beards, dwarf beards, hero hair, etc

  • Scooters

    BrickForge custom molded Scooters to fit your Lego minifig needs

  • Instruments

    BrickForge custom molded instruments to fit your Lego minifig band

  • Doomsday

    Get ready to survive with the BrickForge Doomsday Bugout and zombie defense packs

  • Sci-Fi

    BrickForge Sci-Fi, shock troopers, star wars, clone wars, star saga packs

  • Tactical

    BrickForge tactical gear and packs, swat, police, etc.

  • Modern Headgear

    BrickForge Modern Headgear, beret, helmets, hats, etc

  • Modern Warfare

    BrickForge Modern Warfare, from World War 1 to 21st Century armies, grease guns, sidearms, weapons packs

  • Historical/Fantasy...

    BrickForge Historical/Fantasy Headgear, viking helmet, dwarven helmet, great helm, etc

  • Historical/Fantasy

    BrickForge Historical/Fantasy, knights, centaurs, etc.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 108 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 108 items